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Wye Valley Cheese

Sheep’s Milk Cheese Our Ewe’s milk cheese is produced from our own flock of Poll Dorset and Friesland ewe’s which graze the grassland of Lower Gockettt Farm.

The cheese is a hard cheese made from unpasteurised milk and matured for a minimum of 60 – 90days. The result is a cheese full of flavour. Ewe’s milk contains up to twice as many minerals like calcium, phosphorus and zinc as well as B group vitamins in comparison to cow’s or goats milk. It is also suitable for anyone who is lactose intolerant, making it a very healthy choice of cheese.

Cow’s Milk Cheese Made from milk collected from a local organic farm, we produce unpasteurised hard cheese made using a traditional farm house recipe. The cheese is matured in a purpose built room which is buried into a bank with an earth roof, for a minimum of 60 days forming a natural rind. Half the store is turned into our regular creamy hard cheese while the rest of the wheels are selected to mature for another 3 – 4months which allows the flavours to develop even further and the cheese to become a little harder.

Smoked Cheese We smoke both the Ewe’s milk and Cow’s milk cheese, using a traditional method. This gives the cheese a delicate smoky flavour and a lovely smooth texture.

The cheese develops a subtle delicate flavour and is delicious with summer salads and placed with rosemary & apple jelly on sourdough! Or for the naughtier menu, it is a fantastic accompaniment to a homemade beef burger or nibbled with simple cheese biscuits and crackers.

Our cheese can be bought from local farmers markets, deli’s or straight from the farm, please see links page for more details.

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